Top 10+ Best Video Monetization Platforms 2024 – Reviewed & Compared

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Thinking about monеtizing your video content? Want to understand the workings of AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD models that help to Monеtizе your content?  

Making vidеos is tough, and finding ways to gеnеratе rеvеnuе from thе vidеo can bе еvеn toughеr. That’s why sеlеcting thе right vidеo monеtization platform from thе beginning is crucial.

In this comprеhеnsivе guidе, wе will еxplorе thе Top bеst vidеo Monеtization Platforms in dеtail and thеir provеn stratеgiеs, еssеntial insights, dеtailеd fеaturеs, and pricing plans. Wе’rе hеrе to assist you in maximizing your vidеo еarnings.

Vidеo monеtization platforms arе bеcoming incrеasingly popular bеcausе of thеir divеrsе fеaturеs, which attract consumеrs and еncouragе thеm to subscribе. Vidеo contеnt is widеly usеd for markеting, lеarning, and еntеrtainmеnt, which hеlps onlinе vidеo platforms rеach morе usеrs. Crеators can makе monеy from their vidеos through thеsе platforms by choosing options like subscriptions, ads, rеntals, or donations. Usеrs can quickly accеss thеir favoritе contеnt, and crеators gеt to dеcidе how thеy want to еarn monеy from thеir vidеos.

Comе & Explorе thе world of Bеst Vidеo Monеtization Platforms with us! 

What is a Video Monetization Platform?

A vidеo monеtization platform is a rеvеnuе gеnеrating tool that can make your earn through your original vidеos. With thе hеlp of thе platform, you can broadcast your vidеos to your audiеncе and can lеt thеm either viеw or download through thе vidеo monetization platform.

As thе viеwеrs count incrеasеs, your rеvеnuе also incrеasеs. Additionally, you can also allow third-party to link thеir ads in bеtwееn your intuitivе vidеos. You can makе viеwеrs pay and watch your vidеos which is also anothеr form of rеvеnuе gеnеration.

Types of Video Monetization Models 

When we consider about on-demand video services, there are top 2 key revenue generating models are available that you need to know in detail.

  • SVOD(Subscription Video On Demand): SVOD, stands for Subscription Video on-demand, offers video streaming services to consumers through subscription method. Consumers need to subscribe to any of the plans the video monetization platform offers and then will access all video content in the library. Netflix is the right example of this revenue model.
  • AVOD(Advertising-Based Video on Demand): AVOD, stands for Advertisement Video on-demand, supports brands to earn revenue by letting other companies have their ads in between our videos. It can display banners, sponsored content, or video commercials. Users will be highly benefited with this model as they can fix their pricing with the advertising companies on their own.
  • TVOD (Transaction-based video on demand) – consumers purchase or rent videos at the time of access and they need not pay for any particular period or need to watch any ad within the video content. Consumers who rarely use video streaming application prefer this model.
  • Hybrid – it is a combination of AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD. For examplae, some platform splits the subscription to be low and high. Those who pay low subscription will be getting ads in their videos and those who pay high will get ad-free content. YouTube is a perfect example for hybrid VOD revenue model.

The Best Video Monetization Platform Providers

Here are the top 10 choices from the extensive Video Monetization Platforms covered in this article. According to the users review ✅Dacast ✅Brightcove ✅Mazsytems ✅Kaltura ✅Brid TV are leading video monetization sites

Video Monetization Platforms

1. Dacast – Best for Live Streaming Video Content
2. Brightcove –  Best for Integrating videos to a WordPress site.
3. Mazsytems –  Best for Professional broadcasters
4. Kaltura – Best for Businesses and organizations running virtual events.
5. Brid TV – Best for Creators interested in the latest tech.
6. Uscreen – Best for creators selling video memberships 
7. IBM Video Streaming – Best for Multi-channel creators
8. Vimeo –  Best for Beginner video creators
9. Setplex – Best for
10. Amagi – Best for All video creators.

Comparison Between the Top Video Monetization Platforms

PlatformsFree TrialModelsPricingVisit Website
Dacast14 daysSVOD, TVOD, and AVOD$39/
Brightcove10 days AVOD, SVOD, and
Vimeo7 days for paid plans. TVOD, SVOD$24 per seat /
Kaltura 7-day trials available for each tool.AVOD, SVOD, TVOD & PVOD$20 /
Muvi14 days. SVOD, PPV, AVOD,$199/

Top 10 Best Video Monetization Platform Providers 2024

We have so far analyzed about video monetization and its revenue models. Now it is high time to find out the best way to monetize our videos. We need to compare and choose the best video monetization platform that can meet all our business goals.

Let us get into the top video monetization platforms in the market and analyze their features and platform highlights that will help us to choose the right one for our video on-demand business.

Dacast – Top-rated Video Monetization Platform with Assured ROI

Dacast is one of the best video monetization platforms that gives end-to-end on-demand video delivery solutions. With the support of top-tier CDN services, Dacast delivers a secured video streaming service as the users’ paywalls are integrated with Dacast’s white-label video player. The paywall solution of Dacast accepts 135 currencies and so users get attracted to this video monetization platform mainly for its multiple currency support option. A professional support service is delivered to all users of Dacast which is highly appreciated by all its users.

Key Features of the User-friendly Video Monetization Platform Provider

  • Models of Monetization Solutions are subscription model, pay-per-view, and advertisement model.
  • A huge range of video monetization tools embedded in the platform.
  • Ad-free streaming is supported with premium subscription plans
  • Top-notch token security for premium users
  • Low-latency video streaming
  • Multi-user access on customized subscription plans
  • Perfect business tool that contains Zoom live streaming integration which is useful for conducting online meetings.
  • Mobile streaming support is offered
  • Users can get real-time analytics.
  • Multiple videos can be recorded while streaming
  • The white-label video solution can let users to customize their brands.

Pricing Plans of Dacast

Dacast has multiple subscription plans that will satisfy all users groups. All plans allow users to have 14-day free trial and then users can decide either to subscribe the service from the video monetization platform or not.

Plans Starter PlanEvent PlanScale PlanCustom Plan
Monthly$39/month$63/month$188/monthReach out to sales team for tailored pricing.
Storage2.4TB with 500GB6TB with 250GB 24 TB with 2000 GB

BrightcoveEnd-to-End Online Video Monetization with User Customization


Users get the most high-end streaming solution that produces better video monetization option at an advanced level. The built-in security and protection assure a military-grade data protection to all its users. Business officials can get access to the platform and can easily brand their product in the market through an effective video content delivery. The advanced video streaming software delivers high-quality videos and impresses viewers easily. Through advanced analytics feature, the platform provider can identify or track revenue generated and profit accrued from them. Users can utilize video intelligence and enhance user experience simultaneously.

Most Notifiable Features of the Scalable Video Monetization Platform

  • Multiple video formats are supported and can stream all movies and series geographically.
  • Support video monetization model of Bright Cove video on-demand platform is AVOD.
  • Track users’ behavior through analytics and insights.      
  • Can stream on multiple devices and offers better streaming flexibility to users.
  • With highly integrated security protocols, user can protect their original videos from any sort of cyber-attack.
  • High quality movies with 4K resolution can be streamed with this video monetization platform.
  • Viewers are allowed to control speed of the video at the time of playback.

Pricing Plans of Brightcove

Brightcove is one of the best monetization platforms that supports users with affordable subscription plans. The video monetization application does not provide any trail period to its users.

Plans Starter PlanCustom Plan
Monthly$99/monthReach out to sales team for tailored pricing.

MazsytemsVersatile Video Monetization Platform to Broadcast Video on-demand on Multiple Devices

Get the finest video monetization solution with Mazsystems that can cater all your business needs. User can gain complete control over their OTT streaming. All essential tools for streaming live videos or to build on-demand video content library will be available with this video monetization platform provider. Multiple opportunities are there for business people as they can elevate their business by promoting their brands through the revenue-focused video monetization platform. The unified online video monetization platform offers complete customizable solution with the advanced cutting-edge technology. The platform delivers streaming videos across boundaries.

Attractive Features of the income generating video monetization platform

  • All contents are highly protected with SSL certification and users can be assured about their security.
  • Customizable white-labelling solution will let users to promote their brand to their target audience.
  • Supported video monetization models are SVOD and AVOD.
  • Multiple apps can be integrated along with other OTT distribution channels.
  • The unified video API integration option will let users to stream live videos across multiple channels.
  • The video monetization platform comes with a powerful CMS that will manage the entire platform content operations effectively.

Pricing Plans of Mazsystems

Build your modern video business with the best video monetization platform with multiple flexible pricing. Get your video monetization mobile app under the Network plan that offers Video CMS and Video CRM along with consumer level analytics.

KalturaPopular Video Monetization Solution with Complete Video Learning Experience


Users can operate and manage online video services by the best video monetization platform, Kaltura. The online video platform is embedded with in-built marketing features that supports in promoting the brand and get greater reach. The robust CMS will offer a versatile video streaming solution that assures guaranteed returns. The platform comes with the facility of white-labelling apps that will let users to promote their brand with customer-centric video streaming features. The platform goes well with all TV channels and offers live TV support. The streaming quality offered the video monetization platform is unbeatable in the market.

User-centric Features of Multi-platform Compatible Video Monetization Platform

  • Detailed real-time analytics and clear insights.
  • Reliable ad-network partnership option.
  • Hyperscaling live events and online live sports streaming channels supported.
  • Users can integrate promotions with the scheduling of video content.
  • Effortless transaction management that will let users to simplify their business operations.
  • Customized targeted ads to get genuine reach.
  • Supported video monetization models are SVOD and TVOD (transaction video on-demand),


Kaltura allows users to choose either on-premise video monetization platform deployment or cloud-based deployment through its multiple subscription plan.

Kaltura’s cloud-based edition supports complete hosted video platform with various features starting from $499 per month. The on-premise edition is a self-hosted version of the video monetization platform with commercial license.

Kaltura’s Community edition is the free version of the video monetization application and it is community-supported and self-hosted version of the application.

Plans Starter PlanCustom Plan
Monthly$499 /monthReach out to sales team for tailored pricing.

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Brid TVOnline Video Services with End-to-end Multi-platform Distribution

Brid TV

Get partnered with Brid TV and enhance your profit margin and also streamline your video monetization strategy. Publishers can monetize their original video content by integrating with ads. The video ads can be both instream and outstream video ads. On the whole, Brid TV is the most powerful video monetization platform for all revenue-focused publishers. Bulk video upload and organizing those bulk videos are supported with effective video tools. Users can also directly stream on-demand video to a wider audience. Users can create live streaming events for their customers and can get positive results for the campaigns they run online.

Best takeaway features of the top video monetization platform

  • Complete video monetization platform with customization and scalability feature.
  • Supported video monetization model is AVOD.
  • An effective video content management system will allow users to organize their content efficiently.
  • Powerful security tools are integrated that will protect all video content and also viewers.
  • Marketing and community-building tools are embedded with the platform that will let users to promote the brand and gain better reach.


Brid TV is the most powerful and the best video monetization platform provider that supports all users.

Plans FreeEssential PlanBusiness PlanCustom Plan
Monthly$24.99/month $89.99/monthReach out to sales team for tailored pricing.
Video Plays100,000150,000 with 15 mins500,000 with 30mins

UscreenIncrease Revenue Potential with the Best Video Monetization Platform


Uscreen supports business owners to upscale their business and reach their business goal with less spending. Video creators get complete ownership where you will get to know the updated algorithms and monetization policies. The platform comes with an in-built website builder that will help beginners to build their video monetization website with all essential features to generate revenue. Uscreen has multiple marketing and engaging tools that will help users to create better customer engagements and in return gain more customers. The platform is also integrated with payment gateways that will let customers to get their subscription in just a few clicks.

Remarkable Features of the Flexible Video Monetization Platform

  • Comprehensive OTT platform delivers high-quality video content.
  • Multiple payment options are offered that facilitate users while subscribing the video service.
  • Expert guidance and support offered 24/7 by the dedicated technical team.
  • Supported video monetization models are TVOD and SVOD.
  • Huge video website themes and layouts are available for customizing the video monetization platform.
  • In-depth analytics will support users to analyze customers’ preferences and help them to offer better personalized video services.
  • Flexible pricing option is offered that benefits users of all budget type.


Most video creators and entrepreneurs are easily attracted to Uscreen mainly because of its pricing structure.

Plans Growth PlanCustom Plan
Monthly$159 /monthReach out to sales team for tailored pricing.
Video Storage150 hrs with 3 admin users

IBM StreamingCustomized User Experience with The Top Video Monetization Platform


IBM video streaming  platform is built with multiple video monetization strategies like pay-per-view, subscription method, and ad-based strategy. Through an effective video marketing technique, you can easily maximize your video reach and can get guaranteed ROI. With a proper content management system, you can expand your online video streaming features and can earn more. Easy-to-implement ad integration supports IBM to have high video ads standard that will increase its brand credibility in the market. The video management tools and the intuitive user-friendly dashboard are the added advantage of this video monetization platform.

Attention Seeking features of the budget-friendly video monetization platform

  • Fully featured video channels with guaranteed 4K resolution.
  • Supported video monetization models are PPV, subscription model and AVOD.
  • Multiple screening across multiple devices makes it more attractive among its audience.
  • Privacy features and AES encrypted video streaming add value to the brand.
  • Cloud online video platform to integrate multiple applications.
  • Industry-leading SSAI technology supports in adding ads in the videos.
  • Publishers’ performance is enhanced with the help of timer embedded with their videos.


The IBM is the best video monetization platform that offers 30-day free trail to all users. During the trial period users will get access to full feature set that are provided on all plans of the video monetization platform.

Plans Silver PlanGold PlanPlatinum Plan
Videos100 hrs of viewing, with 5 channels support and 1TB video storage2000 hrs of viewing with 10 channel support and 2 TB video storage5000 hours of viewing with 20 channels along with 5TB video storage.

VimeoTop Video Monetization Platform to Boost Video Business


Vimeo is a premium video monetization platform that offers content according to users’ needs. Users can create live video streaming content with the help of an automated support system and can deliver them and gain attention without seeking any technical support from the platform provider. The multi-device target approach is the most seeking feature in any video monetization platform and Vimeo has succeeded in this aspect. Vimeo is a one-stop solution that allows users to build an efficient video monetization platform and also support OTT distribution and gain higher reach with minimum marketing spending.

Futuristic features of the peer-to-peer supported video monetization platform

  • Multiple currency support will get you reach global audience and get customers all over the world.
  • Social media integrated top video monetization platform gets you to post and run campaigns in all social platforms.
  • The in-app purchase integration is an added advantage that will let users to purchase additional plugins.
  • Region-restricted content can be accessed with the support of a reliable VPN platform.
  • Easily build your subscription content channel and can reach your audience through any device or any platform.
  • The best video monetization platform is suitable for Firestick, FireTV, Android and iOS devices.
  • user-friendly engagement tools empower you to excel in video streaming.
  • Supported video monetization models are SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD.

Pricing Plans of Vimeo

Vimeo is the top video monetization platform that offers the most transparent and flexible pricing for a perfect OTT business.

Setplex – Leading Video Streaming Platform with Best Monetization Strategies


Setplex allows users to monetize their original video content with an effective monetization strategy without spending more money. Best scalable video monetization solution can bring good escalation in your business as you can keep growing along with your productive video streaming app business. All linear channels can be seamlessly monetized through the marketing support offered by the platform. The revenue-based video monetization platform can support OTT platforms, video players and all compatible devices and can be more versatile in delivering online video services. The online enterprise channel can monetize your original video content effortlessly. You can partner with Setplex and can expect greater ROI.

Multiple Features of the Best Video Monetization Platform

  • Invalid traffic will be detected and all media files will be protected with higher security protocols.
  • Live events or scheduled events can be monetized separately to users who need them additionally.
  • With the help of AI technology, you can detect the ad breaks and can make necessary ad arrangements to make use of the video timing effectively.
  • Includes advertiser-friendly membership and allows discounts for all social sharings.
  • For all premium content access, paywalls gating is arranged for simplified checkout process.
  • Video player experience can be customized to enhance viewing experience.
  • Users can manage live and video on-demand services with an excellent interface and infrastructure.
  • Pioneer cloud solution is offered by Setplex by delivering high-quality video content to all user groups.
  • Supported video monetization model is AVOD.

Pricing Plans of Setplex

All plans with this top video monetization platform are customized and are not listed in its official website. Users will have different requirements and as per their requirement the features will vary. As per the features the costing also varies. So users should contact the support team and should explain their requirement and can get the quote.

AmagiBest Video Monetization Platform with SVOD

Amagi is an OTT-focused online video streaming platform that offers VOD solution through a native video player. Broadcasters can create mobile or smart TV applications that is viewable on all screen sizes. The top-tier CDN service is used to deliver high-quality video streaming. Several powerful streaming solutions are offered the top video monetization platform provider and has gained the trust of thousands of customers. The easy-to-understand video analytics is more supportive to the platform as users can get to know their customer preferences and can use those data to frame services that focuses more on customer personalization.

User-centric Features of the Best Video Monetization Platform

  • 24/7 customer support system will assure users to have uninterrupted video streaming.
  • Supported video monetization model is SVOD.
  • The online video streaming platform offers military-grade security to all video content of the platform.
  • Enterprise-grade performance can be experienced by watching high-quality 4K video content.
  • Hassle-free content management system will let users to organize their video library effectively.
  • The platform uses API access and supports multiple currencies.
  • Users can get highly customizable video streaming experiences.
  • Users can make profit from live streaming content or through on-demand video delivering services.

How To Choose A Top-Notch VOD Monetization Models?

This is the most tricky question as many users may be dilemma in finding the answer for this question.

  • First do enough research about your audience and also about your competitors.
  • Partner yourself with any leading digital company that offers video monetization support.
  • Start creating videos with high-quality and try the best video monetization channel to earn more.

Why A Video Monetization Solution Is Required!

If you are planning to launch a video streaming platform then definitely you need to have a perfect monetization solution for the below-mentioned reasons.

  • To drive revenue – this is the core objective of building an online video streaming application. Without revenue, it will be difficult to run your streaming business. Companies that use best video monetization strategy are earning 49% higher than other companies in the market.
  • To reach out every device – when you offer a subscription-based video content, you letting them to view all video content from their mobiles or any other smart devices. So, this will also get you higher customer base.
  • To segment audience – by trying different video monetization models you can easily segment your audience as per their preferences. This will get you a clear insight about your consumers’ behavior that will be useful for your business.


Video monetization platform is the best source to generate huge income in a very short time. Many budding entrepreneurs now will have a genuine reason to start their video monetization platform after going through this article. If needed you can get our assistance to guide you further in building a user-friendly, customer-centric, video monetization platform.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What Is Video Monetization?

    Video monetization is a revenue generating strategy that will let users to make profit through their creative and original videos. Many video monetization platforms are available in the market that are getting more positive result in the industry.

  2. How Can I Monetize My Video Content Online?

    We have discussed multiple video monetization models like AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, and Hybrid model. You can choose any of the models and can start earning with your videos and gain more audience to your video monetization platform.

  3. How To Choose The Best Video Monetization Solution For Your Business?

    There is no particular suggestion about which is the best video monetization model. Each business has its requirement and according to its demand the model can vary. You know your requirements and demands and only you can choose the best for your business.

  4. What Are The Advantages Of A Video Monetization Platform?

    Guaranteed returns are the main advantage of any video monetization platform. Apart from that you can get easy branding and reach in the market. You can make use of analytics and insight to analyze your users easily.

  5. How Long Will It Take To Build A VOD Monetization Platform?

    Building an VOD monetization platform is not a complex one. You can either start it from scratch or even you can go for a readymade video streaming solution where the platform will be ready to launch and you can instantly start your video streaming business.

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